Today’s Critter Visits

It was quite busy outside our living room window, today!

When I brought more feed out, I scattered some a little closer to the house.  Little by little, I’ll bring it closer, but not by too much.  Just up to the path between the house and some bushes.


I love it when the deer come out early enough that the sun is shining on the area.  There’s just a few early morning hours where this spot gets full sun, and only in the winter.

We are thinking that we are getting two, possibly three, groups of deer.  There’s the pair that came today and yesterday.  There’s not a lot to distinguish deer apart this time of year, in general, but of the two, one has a darker patch on its chest.  It’s also a dick.  It will chase the other one away from the food, even after it’s eaten and moved away, even striking with his hooves.  The other one is smaller and thinner.  I’m curious about the relationship between these two, with one so obviously not friendly to the other.

Then there is the group of 4; a doe, her twins and a buck.  They’ve only come a couple of times, and I at first thought the doe was the first deer that visited us for several days before the 4 showed up, but now I’m not so sure.  That would be the possible third “group” of one.

A strange thing happened today, while the deer were here.  Our cats have been watching them off and on, too, but without much interest.  At least compared to when the squirrels are there.  But today, something changed.  The mama ended up spending probably an hour or more at the window, tail flared like a bottle brush, growling at them!  I tried to get some video with the noise she was making.  I’ve never heard anything quite like it from her before.  Even her boy was looking at her funny.  Attempts to calm her down did not work.  Very odd.


Moving the feed closer meant the birds came closer, too, which made for better photos.  I prefer to not zoom in all the way, if I can avoid it, as that cuts out a lot of light in an area that’s already dark, most of the time.  This jay (and it’s mate, later on) had come to the closer pile of seeds, and I got some good shots.  Some of the smaller birds, such as the chickadees and sparrows, came even closer – I think some seeds got blown towards the path – but they move so often, I couldn’t get a shot.

Then some of the cats came over…


We got a laugh at Beep Beep, jumping up onto the stone cross.  You could tell her feet were cold, and she seemed to be wanting to get away from the snow.  Except, of course, there’s snow on the stone, too.


Rolando Moon came over and got comfortable on a patch of seeds.  We’ve seen several cats do that; go over to the seeds, maybe snuffle around a bit, then settle right in the thickest area.  It would be warmer than sitting on the snow.

For all their coming around, none of the cats have caught a bird.


The largest of our bird visitors, this grouse is easily as big as Rolando Moon, which makes it bigger than most of the outside cats.

I love how it looks when it stretches its neck out. 😀

The Re-Farmer




2 thoughts on “Today’s Critter Visits

    • Re: the cross, neither! It’s salvage. My late brother used to work in demolitions and tore down an old church at some point. He brought the cross here for my parents, because he knew they would like it.

      Re: the deer, they will certainly try, if we don’t take steps!! They decimated our beets and did a number on our sunflowers last year. 😦


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