Critters in the Cold

I am happy to say that our camera was working fine today, though I tried to be much more gentle with it.  Though really, how can one more gently press a button?  😀  Basically, I just tried not to take too many photos in quick succession, which I would sometimes do to try and get birds in flight, or catch something before it took off.

Our weather apps started sending us severe weather warnings for our area, yesterday evening – though we were still expected to go up to -2C by 6pm!  It was weird to get them at a time when the sky was clear and everything looked fine.  The warnings were for severe winds and blowing snow, more than for cold temperatures or quantity of snow.

By this morning, the clouds had set in and it had started to snow.  There had been quite a bit of seeds left in our feeding area before I’d gone to bed, but they were snowed over in the morning.  That didn’t stop the birds from finding a couple of the piles, and they braved the bitter winds and blowing snow to dig them up.

When I went out to do the food and water for the outside cats, I found the containers completely buried in snow.  In the time it took me to leave seeds for the birds and deer, come inside, put away boots and jacket, then go to the living room window, the seeds were almost completely buried in blowing snow.

That didn’t stop Barbecue from showing up.


He knew exactly where to go looking for food!

Just look at that snow covered face!  Brr.

Hungry Girl did show up briefly, many hours later, but it took less than a minute for her to get spooked off by something.  I hope she comes back during the night.

The chipping sparrows were fluttering in and out in their masses, and they were joined by quite a few pine grosbeaks, too.

I just love that bright red on the males.


A couple of blue jays made a brief appearance.  They didn’t stay on the ground for long; the wind gets funneled right through that area, and the bigger birds were more exposed than the little guys that could hunker down into the snow.


I love how the black capped chickadees puff themselves up into little feathery golf balls to keep warm.


When I first spotted this nuthatch, it was popping along the underside of a branch, upside down!  I wasn’t fast enough to get a photo of that, but I did get these, showing the wind blasting its feathers, exposing the orange underlayer.

We had squirrels visiting as well, but by then, it was getting too dark to bother trying for any pictures.

Here’s hoping our camera holds out a good long while, before we have to replace it!!

The Re-Farmer

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