Good Morning, Critters

My goodness, our feeding station keeps busy!  That makes me so happy. 😀

There were deer in and out before I had a chance to add more feed for the day.  So much for my original thought of adding a bucket every few days.  Between the deer, birds and squirrels, I’m now adding a bucket of deer feed and a bucket of bird seed a day.

I have also noticed a definite change in how the deer come in.  Hungry Girl had been so very shy and nervous, coming in behind Barbecue and dashing off after barely getting a few mouthfuls – either chased off by Barbecue, or startled by who-knows-what.  Now, she comes running in, ahead of Barbecue, or even by herself.  She goes straight to the feed, still keeping alert, but also less startled by seeing us in the window.

Just look at her now!


She is still on the thin side, but it’s now clear that she is filling out.  Her hip bones are less prominent then when she first starting coming here, and while her coat hasn’t gotten as sleek or her belly as round a Barbecue, she no longer looks half starved.

Also, she seems to like the new bird feed, too! 😀  This morning, I used a mix of both the new and the old bird feed, to see how it went over.

The answer is, “well.”


I had to use my phone to get this picture, because I can’t get the whole area with the Nikon without changing lenses.  And this photo still doesn’t include the two piles of seeds closest to the house!  The birds were flocking in and out in great fluttering masses, in between deer visits.


Unfortunately, the Nikon was being very strange today.  Not only did it have troubles focusing, but at one point, it started taking pictures, all on its own!  Few of which were recorded on disk, including a number I took intentionally.

I even saw a magpie in the trees, today.  It was gone faster than I could get the camera aimed its way.  Magpies are pretty common, but not at all attracted to seeds.  They’re more likely to go after the cat food.

The poor kitties.  It’s so cold out there!  I think it’s time to add a new sheet of cardboard under their food and water bowls.  When it gets cold like this, they’re more interested in the warm water than the food.  We’ll have to remember to bring out warm water for them more often for the next while, since it freezes so quickly.  Only 4 of them were out when I fed them this morning, which means that the water would be frozen before the others make it out.

A project for over the summer, if we can swing it; I’d like to not only built them better insulated shelters to use in place of the current old dog houses and under the other house, but also work out a feeding station that will shelter their food and water, too.

The Re-Farmer

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