Today’s Critters

Not a lot of photos today, as I made it in to church at the next town – the church of my childhood this time.

I don’t know that I’ll be going back.  I’m not surprised that things have changed after all these years, but some of it came off as rather creepy – and that was just with the announcements before service even started!  The weird birthday blessing with outreached hands is something I’ve never seen before, and the community greeting before service started, where everyone was expected to go around shaking hands, was another new one for me.  It was enough to make ME uncomfortable, and I’m the sort of person who will happily greet strangers I’m introduced to with a hug and a kiss on each cheek.

It didn’t help that I could understand the priest half the time.  I have an auditory processing disorder, which means that while my hearing is fine, the message gets sometimes gets scrambled.  Sometimes I, literally, hear gibberish.  Other times, I get gaps.  I know words were spoken; I know my ears heard the sound, but it just didn’t make it to my brain.  Most of the time, I hear enough that I can figure out what I missed, but if there are visual distractions, strong accents, or if a person doesn’t enunciate clearly, it can be a struggle.  This priest seems to have an aversion to moving his mouth when speaking.  Between that and how the responses have changed since I went here as a kid, it made it difficult to follow the service.

I’m really hoping we won’t have to go to the city for church!

At least I should be able to go there to get our Easter baskets blessed.

Anyhow.  Back to the critters!


First up, we have another cheeky blue jay with a seed in its mouth.


The red squirrels were certainly enjoying the fact that the deer are too skittish to hang around.  Doesn’t this one look like the most polite little gentleman? 😀

The Beep Beep came by and plunked himself into a pile of seeds, and for a while, only the brave little chickadees and redpolls were willing to dive bomb the seeds around him.

Shortly after I took this, I noticed he’d moved to another pile of seeds.

Except… there was something odd about the way he was sitting there.

Something very… tense…

That’s when I realized he wasn’t sitting at all.

He was taking a dump.

In the seeds.

Which he then buried with snow.

What a jerk!

Later on, the girls called to me from upstairs, telling me to get the camera and look at the top of the dead spruce tree.

I got this next shot from the second floor.

That’s either Nasty Crime Boy or Trüllbus the Crime Eater.  Just hanging out, enjoying the view! 😀

Unlike Butterscotch, he had no issues getting back down again!

Too funny!

The Re-Farmer

4 thoughts on “Today’s Critters

  1. You’d be a little tense too if you bare butt was that close to the snow 🙂 Great pictures. I wish blue jays would come to this part of town. I love their noisiness and beauty.

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL! Very true!

      Later in the day, the wind died down enough for my daughters to do a burn. One of them also shoveled the sidewalk. While she shoveled, Rolando Moon kept following along until she was done. Then the crazy cat took a dump, right on the freshly cleaned sidewalk! LOL I guess even concrete blocks are better than snow.


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