Yesterday’s Critters

With our adventure in the tunnel o’doom yesterday, I thought it might be a good idea to treat the girls.  I had been planning to take them to see Black Panther for an early birthday gift for my older daughter in a few days.  Instead, I took them to see it last night.

Excellent movie, btw.  Worth driving to the city to see on the big screen.

That meant I didn’t upload yesterday’s critter pictures until today.  So here are some highlights from those, and will post today’s critters in a separate post.


I was able to get some good photos of birds in trees, rather than among the seeds in the snow, including this one of an inquisitive looking blue jay. 😀


I was really happy with how this one turned out.  Look at that eye!  Love it!


This male pine grosbeak was a very uncooperative subject.  It spent most of the time flashing me with its hind in.  I still managed to get a shot I’m very happy with.


A bold little chickadee, captured in between dashes in and out of the bush.  Another challenging subject!


Mama and the twins came by briefly, as did Hungry Girl and Barbecue, later on.  They were all very skittish and did not stay long.

The twins are getting so big!


The Re-Farmer

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