Critter of the Day: yellow rumped warbler

Critter of the day is back!

Today was supposed to be a hot one, followed by thunderstorms tonight, but the rain came early. Not being able to work outside is giving me a chance to catch up on going through and processing photos from the DSLR.

There are going to be a lot of bird photos over the next while! We got some new visitors, including this Yellow Rumped Warbler.

From what I’ve been able to see in my searches, the males have a bright yellow chin instead of the white you see here, but I don’t think I’ve seen any with yellow chins at all. They are now regular visitors at our feeding station. 🙂

I find it interesting how, last year, I tried different types of seed mixes to attract a variety of birds. It didn’t really seem to work all that much. Now that I’m using only the black oil seed, this year we are seeing a much greater variety of birds, including several types of birds I’ve never seen, or saw only rarely, while growing up in the area.

Like this yellow rumped warbler!

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