Critter of the Day: chipper!

When we first set up the bird feeder in front of the living room window, I relied a lot on a regional bird book to identify our visitors, as I’ve never been much of a birder. One of the first birds I identified was a chipping sparrow, only to have my BIL correct me in saying the birds were red polls – a bird that wasn’t in my bird book at all!

Well, it turns out I may not have been wrong.

I’ve double checked and verified that this bird is, indeed, a chipping sparrow! However, we only get them a brief time during their migration. The more common bird we see are red polls.

The chipping sparrow has a lot of similarities with female red polls, but it was the lack of spotting on the underside that had me double checking.

Identifying certain groups of birds is no easy thing! Some varieties share many traits, and it takes uploading photos and looking closely to be able to identify them.

The day this was taken was made easier by the fact that the bird feeder was moved right up to the living room window, to make room for the wood chipper, when the trees overhanging the roof were taken now.

Which means we had a wood chipper chipping while being watched by a chipping sparrow.

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