Morning cheer

Before I continue with what I found while doing my rounds this morning, I just have to share this adorable photo I managed to take, yesterday.

We had brought Dave in to clean his eyes again, then kept him inside for a while.

He decided my chest was a good place for a nap.


I’ve done his first eye wash of the day this morning, after doing my rounds, but no one was available for cuddling. So I had to take him back to the sun room faster than I would have liked.

When the sun room was closed up for the night, only Beep Beep was with the kittens. As long as one mama is with them, we’re okay with that. In the morning, the first thing I do is open the door to outside, and Butterscotch was more than ready to rejoin the babies.

Beep Beep ended up following me around the yard, though she’s not back to wanting to be carried, like she enjoyed before he had her babies. Which I can totally understand’ after spending the night with 10 kittens, she’d be all touched out! LOL

After I cleaned Dave’s eyes and went to put him back in the sun room, I saw the wind had closed the outside door most of the way. Beep Beep was meowing from the shelf we keep outside it, and couldn’t get in (we’ve also had to raise the height on the barrier across the door, as the kittens got big enough to jump it!). So I opened the door again, then moved the bath transfer chair in front of the barrier on the outside. It’s come in handy to both hold the door, and make it easier for the moms to jump the barrier.

Especially when they are bringing presents for their babies!

In the short time between when I came inside, then saw her at the sun room door, she had already caught a mouse and was bringing it for the kittens!

The kittens had overrun the old kitchen already, so she went straight there. She promptly got mobbed by kittens. One of the creamsicle kittens got the mouse and ran off with it, growling at any other kitten that came close!

What little beasts they are. 😀

The yard is looking quite lovely this morning, after all that rain.

My mother’s poppies are opening up enthusiastically, as is the dwarf Korean lilac.

We also had high winds yesterday, so I had plenty of branches to pick up around the yard, too.

There were a couple of bigger ones that came down last night. I found this one by the old cabin near the fire pit, as I was hauling the ones I found at the willow in the south yard over to the pile.

Now that we’ve had a good rain, I hope it stays a bit cooler over the next few days, so I can finally get work done, cleaning up the spruce grove.

The Re-Farmer

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