Critter of the Day: napping

It got really windy yesterday evening, so I decided to see if anything was being affected.

Yes, I know – I’m supposed to stay off my feet. After a while, though, certain areas of the anatomy start going numb, and I just needed to move around!

Aside from one of the garage doors being blown open, and the usual stuff in the pile of junk near the barn making noise in the wind, things were looking pretty good.

Including this adorable surprise.

I found a napping Nicky the Nose!

With the wind making so much noise in the trees, he couldn’t hear me coming closer.

I got within about 6 ft of him – probably the closest any of us has ever gotten to him! – before he heard me.

He was not impressed, and ran off moments after this photo was taken. πŸ˜€

Of all the visiting toms, Nicky is becoming the most dominant and aggressive. Only towards the other toms, though. He seems to be leaving the kittens and the males that actually live here, alone.

He’s also really, really loud, while asserting that dominance!! πŸ˜€

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