Bonus Critter, pre-op update and more

My daughter and I were coming home when I spotted something on the road, right at the corner I was turning at.

A red sided garter snake!

I was very happy to see it; I’ve seen so very few this year.

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t move away.

My daughter got out and tried to shoo it off the road, and at first it started to cross, but then it decided to go for the big shady spot.

Under the van.

I had just started to move again, too, but she quickly signaled me to stop.

The little bugger just curled up behind my tire and would not move!

My daughter tried to pick it up, and it tried to bite her. Sorta. Basically, it bounced its face off her knuckle. Garter snakes don’t really bite.

She was finally able to use a stick she found in the ditch to persuade it to get out from the van and into the ditch.

Too funny!

Backing up a bit now…

This morning, my husband and I left early for his pre-op appointment for the angiogram he’s getting in a couple of days. We stopped to fill the tank along the way and he felt well enough to actually go into the store with me. The staff know me well by now, and were commenting and joking about how early I was there (and my picking up 3 energy drinks… LOL No, they weren’t all for me). He got quite a giggle out of the whole thing. πŸ˜€

It was a painful drive for him, though, so he was struggling a bit by the time we got there. The woman who saw him was very thorough in going over everything with him, and preparing him. We got to watch a 7 minute video explaining the procedure. She needed the time to write out his list of meds, dosages and times. He’s already been weighed beforehand, so she just needed to take his blood pressure before we left. She also wrote him up for some blood work, and was awesome enough to guide us through the maze of this hospital, to the lab.

There was no one else there, so that got done very quickly.

Because of how long I figured we would be, I found a parkade with space in it, instead of parking several blocks away in a 2 hr parking zone. The last couple of times we were there, it was later in the day, and all the parking lots were full. As we were leaving, I tried to use the machine to pay for my parking, but it couldn’t read the card. So I tried the other machine. It couldn’t read the card, either. I’d seen someone else have troubles, but a woman used it right after and had no issues, so I knew the machines themselves were working.

I ended up going to the information desk, and a volunteer lead me to the parking office. As we were chatting about this not being an uncommon problem, something she said about possible reasons why the cards were failing made me realize what happened.

I had accidentally demagnetized the card.

I had put it in the inside jacket of my pocket, and my phone in the outside pocket. My phone is in a case that has a magnet to hold it in a wallet type holder, which my husband is using. There was nothing but thin cloth between the magnet and the magnetic strip!

I’m going to have to remember that. I’ve never had a phone case with a magnet in it before, and I didn’t even think that the strip on the printed out parking card was magnetic.

I’m glad we found this out at the machines in the hospital, because if I’d had a credit card and tried to pay on the way out, I would have been stuck! As it was, with the card useless, the guy at the parking office took my name and told me to use the intercom as I was leaving, and he would lift the bar from his end. Which worked out well.

Before leaving the city, my husband and I stopped for breakfast (even though it was almost 11 by then), and for him to take some pain killers. He was feeling much better after that!

When we got home and we were in the garage, I mentioned the broken piece that prevents us from clothing the garage door.

He’s much taller than I am, so he was able to reach up and see if he could twist it back in where it belongs.

He had to push the door upward to do that, and we could then see the rest of the problem.

The wheel on the track isn’t a wheel anymore. It’s just broken pieces of plastic.


So when he phoned in his prescription refills and my daughter and I went into town to pick them up, we also swung by a hardware store to look at replacements.

On reading the instructions, we found 2 problems. The first is that the instructions require closing and locking the door. We can’t close the door at all. However, even if we could, because it’s in the middle of the door, we would basically have to uninstall the door to be able to put the new wheel into the track.

This garage door is in such bad shape, it would probably fall apart if we did that.


Time to see how much garage doors cost.

Yet another expense to add to the list!

But that’s okay.

We got to see a snake on the way home. So I’m in a happy mood. πŸ™‚

The Re-Farmer

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