Photo of the day: Judging

Junk Pile kitten is judging me.

Note: I’m going to be changing my “critter of the day” posts to “photo of the day.” Partly because the critters have not been very co-operative lately, so there’s not been a lot of variety in subject matter, and partly because I have non-critter pictures I’m really happy with that I’d like to share.

It will probably still be mostly critters, but I’ll have other things mixed in, too.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the day: Judging

  1. Yep, Lady of Reason is right… “I’m watching you, so don’t get funny.” 😀

    I can relate on running out of pics also. I think I have a couple left of Hawaii Critters but they’re not very good and they’re at the Sea Life park. It was depressing to see how badly the animals were treated there.

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