Morning kitties

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

I had lots of kitties greeting me when I went out to feed them. Much to my amazement, one of the cats that came running, and even let me pet her, was Rosencrantz!!

Then, after I topped up the inside food, I realized that one of the cats eating was Guildendstern!

Guildenstern it one of the two cats at the top. Near the bottom is Two-Face, who looks an awful lot like her big sisters!

Junk Pile kitten almost, just about, hesitatingly, maybe, starts to run towards me when I come out to feet them. Still not enough for me to actually touch him, but he has been letting me come closer.

Pump Shack kitten still takes off, but also seems to be warming up to us a bit.

I am increasingly convinced Pump Shack kitten is a she, but we’re still not sure of either of them.

This month, I bought deer feed instead of the black oil seed, since I knew the deer would be coming by. With the snow on the ground, I could see their tracks, so I left more out than usual. The snow has melted enough that I could go into the spruce grove and check out the big tree that came down (which will be in my next post), then started on the turkey when I got back in. It wasn’t long before my husband called me over to see the deer – being stared at by three cats! – at the feeding station. My daughters saw one yesterday morning; it had triggered the motion sensor light while going through the south yard.

So nice to see them again! I’ll post photos as soon as I am able. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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