Photo of the day: visitor

I’ve just uploaded a bunch of photos from the living room camera, and found more of our visiting cat from earlier in the month.

Such a beauty!

I haven’t seen him since, though of course that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been around. Nicky the Nose is the only tom that’s still skulking about regularly, and he was not happy with our visitor, so he may have been chased away!

3 thoughts on “Photo of the day: visitor

    • It’s interesting the Nicky is the one that is still around; he came well after we had two other regularly visiting toms. We expected them to chase off Nicky, but it looks like it was the other way around!

      With so many unfixed females around (we think both Junk Pile and Pump Shack kittens are female, too), I’d rather Nicky didn’t hang around anymore, either. :-/

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