Must be 10 years old

I spotted this sign on a recreation centre door, in one of our neighbouring towns.

I remember my 6th grade teacher announcing to the class that a hunter’s safety course was available, should anyone want to sign up. I hadn’t bothered to even tell my parents about it, since I’d already been shooting for a few years. I’m glad they are still available. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

5 thoughts on “Must be 10 years old

  1. I’m sure there are people on the Left coast and the US Northeast that would be horrified. *rolleyes*

    As I pointed out in my own blog a few times though, there used to be competitive shooting clubs in schools up till the 1960s. Learning gun safety and respect early is a good thing.

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    • Yes, absolutely! And maybe if that had continued, there wouldn’t be so many people terrified of a tool. :-/

      Over the years, I’ve encountered an astonishing number of people from the US who believe that we, in Canada, have had our guns confiscated from us by the government, long ago, and that private gun ownership is illegal here. Sadly, there are plenty of Canadians who are actually trying to make that happen. 😦

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  2. I used to teach hunter safety/education classes. I quit when I became a dad and wanted to spend more time at home.

    Test daughter and my daughter both got gun safety lessons starting at age 5 (just leave and come home if someone is messing around with a gun). At age 10 the safe handling and marksmanship lessons started. They both learned well. 🙂

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    • That is something we intended to do with our own children, but when the government brought in the long gun registry, we got rid of our rifle. I really hated doing it. It was a WWII Polish sniper rifle that had been given to me as a wedding gift, but we were not in a position to jump through the new hoops the government had imposed. Thankfully, the registry has been removed, and now that we’re on the farm again, getting our licenses and guns is going to be a necessity.

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