This past Sunday, the weather was mild enough that I was able to spend some time on the beach.

It was really fascinating.

The sand was frozen solid, but you could see the effects of water and ice. One dramatic visual was at the outflow for storm drains.

At the time I was there, the tide was still going out. There was ample evidence of how high it had gotten.

These are all sand-covered chunks of ice, left behind as the water retreated.

The ice along the water’s edge was getting left behind in sheets, which would break as the water retreated, leaving pockets of air behind. Even as I walked along, I could hear the crunching and thunking of ice as it slowly collapsed.

The big rocks at the dock are still completely covered by the sand and debris of last month’s blizzard.

Water and ice did its job to sculpt the sand, which froze into shapes that looked like amazing, alien landscapes.

Some of the ice chunks left behind looked like big pieces of quartz crystal. Others were sculpted just like the sand, while still others became windows to the sand below.

Of course, the retreating tide left things behind, held in place in frozen sand. My favourites were these sea shells.

I look forward to coming back when the tide is in, and seeing how the ice further sculpts the beach!

In other things…

Yesterday, the girls took me into the city with them to do some shopping – including buying me some new, waterproof winter boots, rated to -40C! So sweet of my daughter, keeping me in shoes. 😀 That’s twice, now, that she’s bought me shoes to replace ones that were falling apart, but I had no budget to replace myself. I could finally throw out the old winter boots we’d been sharing for at least 10 years! My daughters were joking that I could just stick them in a box somewhere, or leave them in the basement to collect spiders, or leave them in a shed, like the many other boots and shoes we’ve been finding all over the place!

Nope. They are going to the landfill! 😀

It ended up being a very long day, with a couple of stops on the way, including a quick pause at the garage to get our new winter tires torqued. Once in the city, we started at Ikea, and we were ready to pack things in by the end just that one stop! We had several other places to go to after that, with a grocery store being the last stop, since they planned to pick up items that needed to stay refrigerated or frozen. We got home by about 4:30, and it was already starting to get dark!

A strange sound above my head as I write this has reminded me of something else. Little Dave is now out of his cone of shame, as of last night. 😀 We had tried taking it off a couple of times. As expected, he immediately started grooming, but then he would go after the incision site – quite aggressively – so back the cone went. Once, he got the cone off all on his own. After much searching, we found it under the piano bench! Not sure how he got it off.

He is so happy that thing is gone! And now he’s curled up in my shelf behind me, snoring away.

Such a cutie!

The Re-Farmer

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