Furry worms

I just can’t help it. I have to share!

Just look at that pile of furry, squirmy wormies!

Beep Beep came out for some pets while my daughter and I checked on her and her babies. While my daughter kept mama distracted, I was able to sneak a quick shot of the babies. 🙂

We saw Butterscotch on the way back from the van, and she let me pet her. I tried to feel around her belly, and could feel one swollen teat. Just one. I don’t know if she moved away because it was painful, or because she just didn’t want that much attention, but I couldn’t get more than a quick brush of her belly. She still has no interest in coming inside to suckle her baby, which is just as well, I suppose.

Beep Beep, on the other hand, is quite loving the extra attention she has been getting. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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