Follow up: ground wasps

While doing my rounds this morning, I made sure to check where I’d found wasps while trying to clean up yesterday.

I was surprised by what I saw.

First, there was the hole in the ground. I didn’t expect to see an actual hole like that.

Also, do you see the light brown stuff scattered around? Particularly in the grass to the left?

Those are pieces of nest cells.

When I was spraying the area with the hose, I couldn’t see any of this. I’m not sure if it was because I was so focused on the wasps, themselves, or if some critter came through during the night and dug things up even more.

I also zoomed in to the root or stick across the hole in the ground.

The wasps on the stick/root itself were quite still and just sitting there. Like they were sleeping or something. The other wasps were more active.

I don’t know what kind of wasps these are. They are smaller than the yellow jackets I’m used to seeing, and have more black to yellow on their bodies.

Well, whatever they are, we have to get rid of them.

I used the hose again, filling the hole. I saw a lot fewer wasps flying around than before, so I hope that means they are moving on to somewhere else. Until they do, we’re going to have to be careful. Especially when trying to interact with Butterscotch’s babies.

Which one of my daughters was able to do, last night!

I saw through the window that all 4 of them were out and playing, so my younger daughter went out, sat on the ground and wiggled a stalk of wheat (self-sown from the straw we’ve been using as mulch this year) at them.

Two of them even came close enough to sniff her sandal, and when one of them turned away to start eating, she was able to pet its back – until it noticed that she was touching it! *L*

Progress!!! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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