Frosty morning – and a rough start to the day!

This morning, I was awakened by my husband, asking me if there was some trick to starting the washing machine.

I think it was a rhetorical question.

Our new washing machine, which we’ve had for only 2 1/2 months, simply stopped working. It won’t turn on.

Of course, my husband went through the usual check list. Breaker? It was fine. Outlet? Tested both plugins. Meter reads fine. While I went through the manual’s trouble shooting chart (which basically said, check the breaker, check the outlet), my husband went online and found that there’s a hard reset you can do, so we tried that. Still nothing. It simply will not turn on.

So I started looking at how to contact the LG to get it fixed, since we’re well within the 1 year limited warranty. I tried their website, first. Made an account, registered the item, started a request for getting warranty work done…

Got a note saying we were not under warranty, and we would be billed for the service call.


So I finally just phoned.

The good news is, the person I spoke to confirmed we are still under warranty; their website glitches sometimes. She was apologetic about that. Since I had just made an account on the website, she was able to find me in the system, so that made things faster.

They didn’t have any technicians available for where we are, but there is a local company that does warranty work for them, so they will contact this company on our behalf, and we will get a phone call from them.

Soon, I hope!

While I was working on this, I heard the well pump turn on and the noise it made really threw me. Since our plumber hasn’t gotten back to us, and I happened to catch the name of another plumber being recommended on a local Facebook group, I asked my husband to try contacting them.

It turns out that, this time of year, a lot of people are closing up their cottages for the winter, so he’s really busy with those jobs right now. So busy, he recommended we try someone else, because there was no way he could come in within the week. I don’t imagine other plumbers will be any different, so we might have to just wait until after Thanksgiving, which is next weekend.

By the time we got all that done, I was still earlier than usual to get the outside rounds done. I figured the cats wouldn’t mind being fed early! 😀

It was -1C/30F at the time. The cats’ water bowls had ice on them, and the ground was covered with frost. It was quite beautiful.

Rosencrantz was not impressed.

While going through the garden areas, I noticed the one sunflower with the seed head that was killed off by grubs looked… odd.

It looks like the grubs continued eating their way down the stalk – and then got killed by the frost!

Die, grubbins, die! 😀

The Re-Farmer

5 thoughts on “Frosty morning – and a rough start to the day!

  1. Not surprised about your washing machine. All of the newer ones suck. We had a 20 year old Maytag finally give up. We replaced it with another Maytag. The water would never fill up correctly and it wouldn’t drain properly. We took it back a week later to Lowe’s. Then, we got a GE as a replacement. It’s nearly as bad. The computers on these things don’t work right. This one doesn’t fill up correctly but, I’ve learned to just put all loads on super size. A “large” load, isn’t. It doesn’t spin out soap before filling with rinse water if it gets even slightly off balance. When it starts to spin to rinse, if it rocks, once, it shuts off, stops spinning and fills back up with water. I’ve seen it do that three times because the computer detects movement and keeps trying to refill to “reset’ the clothes. Talk about a HUGE waste of water. And, if it can’t “reset” the clothes after the third try, it will stop spinning and your clothes will not be drained unless you force it to do so, manually (shut off the washer and start over). The are all pieces of crap.

    For some strange reason, the whole industry decided that upright washers needed to be similar to front loaders. Front loaders don’t need an agitator as they rotate, back & forth. They actually started making upright washers with no agitator. How the hell does that work? The clothes just spin around in the water doing nothing?

    I should have bought a used washer. I wish I could get my hands on a professional Speed Queen.

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    • I love technology, but it does break down faster!!

      Ours was working great, until it just stopped. In looking the problem up, my husband found this was a common issue.

      I was wondering about no agitator, too, but it does actually have one. A section of the bottom spins independently from the drum. It was fascinating to watch, when we did the test cycle. Our clothes were coming out nice and clean, so I guess it works!

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