Ceramic heating soaks…?

This morning, my daughter asked me if I’d read the packaging for the terrarium heater we got for the cat house.

I had not, so she read it to me, and I just have to share!

In case you can’t see or read the image for some reason, this is what is says, in “Engrish“.

Reptile Products
Heat Emitter

. The ceramic heating soaks is one kind of infrared source,has one kind of similar natural sunlight heat radiation.

. The radiator produces the long wave infrared heat radiation can effectively the warm reptilia animal.

. Has promoted in the rearing tray temperature.

. Infrared hot may penetrate the skin organization,expands the blood vessel,thepromotion blood circulation,the enhancement health and accelerates to be restored to health

. Can provide the quantity of heat for reptile,provides the heat source is nonluminous,the service is 10000 hours.

Surface temperature is too high.
do not directly touch during use

It sounds like it was put through Google translate or something! 😀 I love it!

In thinking about putting this heater into the cathouse, I remembered we have something that will be useful.

We have a spare smoke detector.

I found it in the kitchen junk drawer, still in its package. We’ll test it to see if it works (it should, but I have no idea how long it’s been sitting in that drawer). We can then install it (or a new one, if it doesn’t work) in the cathouse. That will add some piece of mind for us, in the unlikely event something goes wrong with the heater.

Since we’re taking out the light source to do this, I’m thinking of getting an LED night light for in there, with a red or blue bulb that won’t affect their night vision. The light would be for us to see inside through the windows at night, and make sure it’s cats in there, and not a skunk! 😀

The Re-Farmer

8 thoughts on “Ceramic heating soaks…?

    • Do you mean appliance bulbs? I don’t think 40 watts would do much in there. We used a lamp with a 100 bulb in the sun room, and it was just enough to keep their water from freezing solid.


      • I see what you’re saying. That would require a whole new set up. Mind you, one of the reasons we went with the ceramic heater was because we wanted warmth, but not light. When we left it on that one night, from what I could tell, the cats didn’t do more than empty the food container I keep just inside the entry.


    • Yes, exactly. It’s for terrariums. It’s made to withstand high humidity environments, but it’s going into a very dry one, instead.

      Hence our plan to add a smoke detector!


      • Dry and likely lots of fine stuff in the air.

        If I were nearby, I’d bring you my no longer needed 500 watt oil filled heater that looks like an old steam radiator heater. Best of all, there are no fans, it has a thermostat so it may not run all the time and it’s large enough that it only gets around 40C, which isn’t hot enough to cause problems

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      • That would be amazing!

        You have reminded me that I do have a timer, with a dusk-to-dawn setting on it. It would stay running at what will be the coldest periods, instead of all the time.


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