Critter(s) of the Day: toe warmer

I was checking out how the cats tuck under the kibble house, where they hide and watch while I do the outside errands. It’s completely clear of snow, but the ground is quite frozen, of course.

After seeing how the cats were doing the cold toes dance yesterday, I decided to go see if I could help them out a bit.

Since we are not using the sun room as a cat shelter this year, we didn’t put the rigid insulation over the windows, leaving plenty of long pieces available. I grabbed one of the sheets, cut it shorter to fit, and tucked it under the kibble house.

One of the spice boys immediately checked it out!

After topping up the bird and deer feed, I found this.

They seem to like not having to sit on the frozen ground! 😀

There is a sheet of insulation under the floor boards, so that will help keep their backs a bit warm, too!

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