Critter of the Day: framed

Pure chance to catch this blue jay, so perfectly framed by the branches!

8 thoughts on “Critter of the Day: framed

    • Thanks!

      Though I admit, it’s more like blind luck, plus a bit of tweaking on the computer. My husband had changed the settings on the camera and didn’t change them back. I didn’t notice until I uploaded the pictures, that everything was so dark, they were nearly black. Thankfully, that can be lightened. There’s nothing you can do, if it’s the other way around!


      • Oh, you haven’t seen my play with exposure, contrast, and saturation settings!! Plus, correcting the color histograms will fix a lot of “blow put” issues, but I’m not good with that anymore.

        I used to know everything about manual SLR cameras. DSLR has made me forget ALL of it!! If I get a decent pic in anything other than Auto mode, it’s completely by accident!!

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      • I tried to get into that and could never figure it out! I use the preprogrammed settings on the DSLR. Usually the speed setting. Sometimes the landscape one (or whatever it’s called. Lol) I found those gave me better images than using auto.

        When it comes to modifying images, I try to do as little as possible. I always resize now, for the smaller file sizes. I wish I’d realized how quickly we would run out of space on the free WordPress account, doing that! I often crop, and sometimes use the auto fix settings on my software, though that frequently goes way overboard. After added a 1 pixel border and our URL, that’s it. I try to keep things as out-of-the-camera as u can.


      • In case ypu don’t know, there is a wp Export tool under the Admin features. I do that then delete old media files. But, overall, I save to hard drives, flash drives or the cloud – depends on my mood.

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      • I figured there was something like that available now, but every time I think of how many photos and posts I’d have to go through, it just feels so overwhelming!!!

        I post too many pictures.
        (As I just finish uploading another 18 to do a break baking post… LOL)


      • lol. I mainly repost memes.

        The export tool has been there since I came over (2010) but it’s buried. I only know about it because I was part of the group that imported our content when Vox shut down.

        I can’t recall what format the export id. I know the last time I did it I had to get fb Support involved.

        Now I keep all my originals offline and remember “wp is for sharing, not for storage.”

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      • Ah, I must have been thinking of something else in the new editor. I haven’t had much change to experiment.

        When I was almost out of space, I put images on Flickr and embedded them, but Flickr changed their system to a limited number of files, rather than limited amounts of data. When I very quickly reached the limits of that, I bit the bullet and bought a WP upgrade. I wanted the domain name and other extras, anyhow.

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