Our 2021 garden: not quite cat proof

Aren’t they adorable?

Don’t they look so sweet and innocent, snuggled together?

Don’t believe them. They lie!

They are devious, destructive beasts! 😀

Okay, okay. I don’t think Cabbages and her “grandma” are the guilty parties responsible for this.

The tank’s lid has an opening at the back for the filter, cords, etc. I’d blocked it off, but some cats – and I think at least two are guilty! – still managed to get a leg through a gap to reach the trays below. Juuuuust enough to scratch up the cardboard edge and dig up some of the peat. I finally put a piece of the rigid insulation under the lid, cut wide enough to cover the opening in the back, but narrow enough to not reach the light fixture attached to the underside of the lid.

Can you guess what the clever little monsters did next?

They figured out how to open the little flip-top door in the front of the lid, that was used to drop fish food in!

I’m pretty sure we’ve lost some sprouting onions from this.

If you look closely in the photo, you can see white specks in the peat. Those are little curled sprouts, pushing their way through the peat!

I ended up putting a weight on top of the little door, but with the back blocked off, and the little door once again closed, there’s no air circulation in the tank. The glass started to fog up! So I’ve created a small gap in the back slot that I hope the cats will not try to get through.

It takes a lot of determination for a cat to be able to reach these trays! They really, really want to dig in that “dirt”.

The Re-Farmer

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