Ginger Baby Update

I figured I’d get this out as quickly as I could, because I know people are interested!

While checking on him yesterday, the sun room was actually getting too warm! So we turned on the ceiling fan and opened the inner door to the old kitchen, so cooler air could circulate through screen window of the outer door. My daughters have taken on giving him his evening pill. It’s supposed to taste like cat treats, so they give it to him with a couple of treats, and have had no problem with him eating it.

This morning, he was eager for attention – and very curious about my phone when I tried to take pictures!

He is eating and drinking well, though he ignores the wet cat food. It was chilly by morning, so I made sure he got some nice warm water. When I brought warm water for the cats outside throughout the winter, Ginger would be the one coming over and drinking out of the jug while I knocked the ice out of the water bowls and cleaned out the heated water bowl. He’s a big fan of warm water! 😀

I was somewhat concerned about the litter pan still looking mostly undisturbed. This morning, however, I found that he’s been using the spilled dirt I’d swept into a pile, after Potato Beetle knocked a plant pot over,during his own convalescence in the sun room. The sun room has concrete floors, so I’m not too worried. Once things are warm enough and the yard is dry enough, we basically empty the sun room every spring to clean the floor and get things re-organized. This is where we keep our frequently used yard tools, as well as the critter food, while also keeping my late father’s swing bench open so we can just sit in there and enjoy the warmth and sunshine. The cats love that swing bench! We will also be it as a green house for our seedlings, too, once I pick up a shelf to hold them all, and the overnight temperatures are warmer.

Since we are also using it to isolate injured kitties, we’ve got leftover pieces of rigid insulation on the floor in front of the box bed, and under the food and water, so little paws don’t get too cold on the concrete!

Yeah. We’re sucks, when it comes to the cats! 😀

Did I mention he wanted attention?

Poor baby is lonely! He’s used to at least having his brothers, Nutmeg and Creamsicle Jr, to play with. And he does want to play! It’s hard to visit with him because he gets so excited, and starts moving around too much. Of course, we can’t not visit him, because we need to check on him and give him some loving.

While the temperatures were warm this morning – it was 1C/34F when I headed out – there was a very cold wind! I’m so glad we have been able to keep Ginger in the sun room. We weren’t able to, when his mom ended up with stitches. Yes, he was a regular user of the heated cat shelter, but clambering in and out of there would not have been good. That and Nicky the Nose has been showing up again, and he’s been starting fights with the males. Not so much with Ginger and his litter mates. They were born so late in the season last year, they aren’t sexually mature yet, and not a threat to him. We think he might be responsible for Potato Beetle’s injury, though, and with things warming up, the baby boys are going to start being interested in the girls soon, and Nicky is not going to like that. We chase Nicky off when we see him but, just this morning, I saw him out my window, slinking away through the trees towards the empty farm across the road.


Ginger is doing remarkably well. As he moves around, he does keep trying to put weight on that leg. !!! Thank goodness I’m not squeamish, because every time he does, things move in ways they just aren’t meant to! Of course, when he sits or lies down, he has no way to move the leg out of the way, so… yeah. Not pleasant. At least he doesn’t seem to be in pain.

He will be having a much easier time after the surgery, that’s for sure!!

Which leads me to our fundraising promo. Ginger’s surgery is scheduled for 2 days from now. If you would like to help support him, you can buy him a Ko-fi (donations can be as little as $1 Canadian), share and/or reblog this post, or share the Ko-fi page.

Many thanks!

The Re-Farmer

6 thoughts on “Ginger Baby Update

    • Yeah, that wouldn’t surprise me at all. I just hate that he has to be like this for so long, while also being grateful that they were willing to book him on a Sunday, when they are normally closed, just get fit him in!


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