Baby’s Back!

The Ginger bug is home again!!

With his silver, space age bandage, too! šŸ™‚

He seemed very happy to be out of the carrier and in familiar territory. He is quite active – a little too active! and moving around better, now that he doesn’t have that leg dangling off his shoulder.

Did I mention he’s being too active?

He’s already been caught on the shelf in front of one of the windows, about 4 ft off the ground. The girls tried moving my husband’s walker, because he was using it to climb up there. Not down, though. He was jumping straight down from the shelf.

When he was caught up there again, even after the walker was moved, the girls made it safer for him to get up and down, rather than try to stop him. The walker is back and open, with it’s nice, padded seat, and the carrier in front as a “step”.

And to think I was worried about that extension cord being in his way. That cord is for the ceramic terrarium heat bulb in the cat house outside. It should be warm enough now, that it isn’t needed, so I put the cords away. I did, however, bring the frame of the mini-greenhouse back into the sun room, and it is now holding the spare heat bulb safely above the space in front of his box nest.

Right now, he is on limited food and water, as we monitor if he starts getting sick. Tomorrow, food and water goes back to normal. He is to get the medication he was on already, once every evening, and has two other medications that he is to take twice a day, starting tonight.

Tomorrow, I’m going to go back and pick up one of those surgical shirts. We were going to make him one, but realized that the materials we have would likely get snagged on the sutures.

Speaking of which…

He is to return to the vet in 2 weeks for a follow up examination and removal of the sutures.

Until then, we keep him in the sun room, monitor him, and pamper him like crazy.

I added that last part, not the vet… šŸ˜‰

Back to the full disclosure part;

These are the bills, with a grand total of $1,316.48 Today’s bill is the two page one. Interesting to see how much the neuter cost, without anesthetic charge. The list of drugs is also interesting to see. I know people on several of them! šŸ˜€

The bill on the far right is his examination, x-rays and medications from a few days ago.

Seeing how Ginger is acting right now, I think he’s going to do really well. I think, in the time it took to get him to surgery, he already got used to using only three legs, and this amputation is just making it easier on him.

The girls have been to check on him several times already, arranged things a bit as they felt he needed, and plugged in the heater bulb. It’s not particularly cold in there yet, but the surgical site and shaved areas would still get colder, faster.

We are so happy he’s doing so well!!!

The Re-Farmer

9 thoughts on “Baby’s Back!

  1. Great news. I hate to say it though but you may want to check with the vet and see if it’s OK to build him an improvised set of steps if he’s determined to climb He’s more likely to hurt himself without them after all :\

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  2. YAY!!

    I just remembered a blog with a kitten that had a leg amputated. They used, with great success, an inflatable collar. Amazon also has large soft collars. Just thinkin of extra options.

    I’m thrilled that Ginger seems unfazed.

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    • Inflatable? That’s one I haven’t heard of before!

      He did come home with a small collar, just in case he starts going for the neuter site. He seems to have no interest in going for the sutures, but I still want to get the surgical shirt for him, partly to keep the wound clean and protected (he likes to roll on the concrete!) and partly for keeping that nekkid skin warm! šŸ™‚


      • Yep!! $10-14 USD on Amazon.

        The cat was Sprocket and I link he lived in Canada… weird that I can’t remember. Must be longer than I realized since his “mom” blogged. Little black & white kitten with a bright blue inflatable collar.

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