Part of my morning rounds has been to check the garden beds for deer (or other critter) damage. Since we lost several Mongolian Giant sunflower transplants, there has not appeared to be any more damage in that area. In the main garden beds, there has been little more than a few spinach that the row covers aren’t long enough to cover, showing signs of nibbling. That’s it.

As for the garden cam, it’s been getting video of cats going by lately, and that’s it.

This morning, I saw no new damage to the garden, though one of the support poles holding the rope and twine in one of the sunflower transplant rows was fallen down. It had broken and is a bit shorter than the others. I’d tied a plastic grocery bag to it and the rope at the top, but with the winds we’ve been having, it was no surprise to find it fallen. Those bags sometimes act like sails! When my daughters first set this up, the middle support poles were simply slipped through the divided strands of the rope, rather than tied, so for the shorter pole, it would have easily just slide off.

Other than that nothing else was amiss in the garden beds.

Then I checked the garden cam.

I’d say we are very fortunate that there was no damage this morning!

Yes, that is a deer and her fawn off in the distance!

I saw in earlier files that the support pole was already down before they came by, so it was not them that knocked it over. That grocery bag hovering near the mama is hanging off the rope the fallen support pole had been holding up.

In the next file, I watched as the mama casually ducked under the rope, which is what it’s in the middle of doing in this image.

Clearly, the ropes, poles, and flappy noise makers are no longer acting as a deterrent!

There was one last file, and then they moved on. You can just see the spots on the baby in this image!

Watching the files was interesting. While they did snuffle about, they did not try to eat anything in the rows. There are so many miscellaneous plants coming up here that, other than the sunflower transplants, they’d have to seek out individual seedlings in between the weeds. So… the weeds are basically protecting our seedlings right now!

They also very gingerly stepped OVER the rows. Which makes sense. The soil in between the rows is harder, so their hooves won’t sink.

Another thing I noticed is that this pair came from a direction I did not expect. We will need to keep that in mind as we increase our deer deterrents.

There was one more night time file after this; Nicky the Nose making his way between the rows!

The girls and I will move the trail cam again, later today. I want to try it at the opposite end of where it is now, and further away from the beds, so it will cover more ground. Since this camera is not a wide angle camera, it missed a lot where it is sitting right now.

Though it did a great job of capturing these deer!

The Re-Farmer

3 thoughts on “Captured!

    • That is one of things I’ve seen recommended. Specifically, using cheap, thin fishing line they can’t see. Apparently, as they touch the line and feel it, but can’t see it, they back off completely. The gardener who wrote the article had first tried stronger fishing line, and it didn’t work. The cheap, dollar store line worked!

      I definitely want to give it a try. The girls and I were just talking about making a trip into town today, so I’m thinking a stop at the dollar store is in order! 🙂


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