New babies!

While heading out to start the evening watering, I spotted Butterscotch’s babies coming out to play.

Or should I say, my daughter spotted them. I’d gone out to help my mother with errands, then did a few of my own, so I pulled up to the house to unload the car. My daughter later parked it for me, and spotted them while returning to the house. She plunked herself down on the ground with a long stick to wiggle at them, and they were very interested! 😀 Not enough to come close, though, but she’s working on it!

While we were finishing up the evening watering, I happened to see movement in the junk pile by the chain link fence.

Rosencrantz had brought her babies!

I didn’t dare get too close, so zooming in with my phone was the best I could do.

It looks like she only has the two of them. They are so adorable! I don’t know where she has her “nest”, other than it was not in the junk pile, so I am glad that she is starting to bring them closer to the house.

So this is now two litters accounted for. I know Junk Pile cat has had a litter, and from the looks of her teats, I’d say she has a litter of six. Until she starts bringing them to the yard, we won’t know if she has six surviving kittens. There’s also Ghost Baby, who is too feral for us to even know if she’s female. We’re just assuming she is, and that there is another litter somewhere for us to discover.

I suspect we will be finding out fairly soon!

The Re-Farmer

7 thoughts on “New babies!

  1. We have a litter or three that Fuzzy finally brought out of hiding a couple of days ago. Today we began hearing the unmistakable sound of kittens under our bathroom floor. I guess when they are brought out we will know how many more have been added to the troop.

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