Formal Dress

We had a brave little visitor while I was putting kibble out this morning.

Junk Pile’s kittens still run off when we come out, but a couple of them are getting a bit more brave about not going far, or coming back sooner. This handsome little tuxedo seems to be the more daring of them. Since they are still really nervous about going into the kibble house while we are outside, I have set up a more permanent food tray, sheltered under the shrine. When I come out with kibble in the mornings, Rosencrantz and, sometimes, Nosencrantz will be waiting at the sun room door for me, then they run over to the shrine and wait for me to bring their share. Being a regular place for food, I am now seeing Junk Pile’s kittens get over to it, rather than the kibble house or simply running away.

What a handsome fella this one is! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “Formal Dress

  1. The very best thing to watch around our place is the three little white kitties and their black haired Mom play. she is such a good mom, teaching them to catch mice…it’s relaxing to watch them. Now they are use to us and come to our porch and even let us pet them more and go to sleep when we hold them. I love cats.

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