Critter(s) of the Day: meeting over lunch

Caught a whole bunch of Evening Grosbeaks!

Two male, two female, Evening Grosbeaks.

They don’t usually use the bird feeder, so this was a surprise.

One female, two male, Evening Grosbeaks.

These three seem to be wondering what happened to the fourth one… 😀

Critter of the Day: a new bird!

We had a new type of bird visit our feeding station this winter!

There was a small flock of them eating up the black oil seeds on the ground. Though we’d never seen them before, they were clearly a type of grosbeak. It turns out they are the Evening Grosbeak. Apparently, they are a year-round bird for our region, and not that uncommon, though they are considered irregular visitors to bird feeders.

Very cool!