Nicky the Nose

This guy is now quite the regular.


The way that patch of colour is on his nose, it sometimes looks like it’s injured and swollen.  Nope.  Just a splotch of colour.

It’s kind of funny to see this guy in the pile of kittens.  They’re pretty much adult size now, but not quite there, yet.  Then there’s Nicky. 😀  Interesting that they’ve accepted him like that.

We got invaded

I go this photo this evening, of three deer showing up at the feeding station.  It was getting a bit too dark for photos (we’re fully dark by 5:30, these days), but I did manage a couple.


None of them are the ones we’ve been seeing for the past while.

Less than 10 minutes after I took this, more showed up.  By the time I got back to the window, there was 4 at the feeding station, a 5th one had been chased off, and two more were under the crab apple tree!

So we’ve gone from having 1 or 2 show up at a time, to an entire herd!

Maybe time to start leaving more than just an ice cream bucket full of deer feed. 😀

The Re-Farmer

Let’s try that again

So, the outside cats have been using the cat cave put together to help conserve their body heat.  Overall, they seemed to adapt to it rather quickly.

Of course, they also explored it quite a bit, and every now and then, we’d look out the bathroom window and see a cat sitting on top of it.  Especially Ferdinand.

The problem is, the only thing supporting the blanket was a sheet of Styrofoam insulation, which would bounce under their weight.

Not anymore! Continue reading

Enjoying our visitors

I’ve just uploaded a new batch of photos from the camera in the living room, and have a few I’ll be sharing over the next few days.

Including these guys.


Deer have started to show up every day, now, sometimes several times a day.  There’s just three of them that come regularly; a buck that always comes alone, and a pair that come together, if not always at the same time.  One looks like a buck that’s already lost his antlers for the winter.  He sometimes comes alone, or ahead of the other, larger, doe.


Their winter fur is coming in, and their colour is starting to get greyer.

From the tracks I’m able to see as I do my rounds, they are in and out quite a bit, throughout the day! 🙂

The Re-Farmer