Clean up: old basement. Day 3 progress

I was able to get a bit of time to continue cleaning in the old part basement this afternoon.

Progress wasn’t quite what I was hoping to get done, though.

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Long Day

Yesterday was our day to do our monthly shop, which always makes for a long day. We actually decided not to do a full shop, though, and will go back later in the month. Specifically, we didn’t get all the cat kibble and litter we usually do. It gets really hard to pack the van with groceries with so many bags and boxes taking up space!

I’m really enjoying the longer daylight hours, too. It was still daylight when we came home!

We were greeted with gorgeous views in the morning, too.

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With the warmer weather we’ve been having, I noticed something about the ice that had build up on the bird bath. The warmed concrete had melted the ice touching it, and a gap had formed.

I took advantage of that.

Instead of cutting a bowl into the ice for water, I was able to chop away the build up of ice, without damaging the bird bath itself.

Once the edges were clear, the middle part came out in very satisfying chunks!

I cleared enough that the brick could be used by the smaller birds to reach the water.

Another sign of spring on the way!


The Re-Farmer