Step-by-step: making sauerkraut

It's been cold, wet and raining for the past while (with snow, in some areas!!), which meant it was the perfect time to stay indoors and finally make sauerkraut. While I remember my mother making sauerkraut when I was a child, and I know I helped at least a little, I have never made it … Continue reading Step-by-step: making sauerkraut

Photo of the day: Judging

Junk Pile kitten is judging me. Note: I'm going to be changing my "critter of the day" posts to "photo of the day." Partly because the critters have not been very co-operative lately, so there's not been a lot of variety in subject matter, and partly because I have non-critter pictures I'm really happy with … Continue reading Photo of the day: Judging

Critter of the day, plus apples for my mother

Yesterday I was finally able to grab the step ladder and pick some of the last apples that are pick-able for my mother. The cats were VERY interesting in the bag! Especially Cheddar! 😀 I was able to pick all the crabapples from the one tree, where the apples were the biggest and they had … Continue reading Critter of the day, plus apples for my mother