Main gate: straight

My awesome brother did it again. After I left to pick up my daughter from work, he went at the gate again. By the time we came home, he had straightened the posts and was finishing the job!

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Gate Repair: removing damaged hinges and adding new

I’m absolutely thrilled that my brother and his wife are over for the weekend! Their RV trailer fits in the inner yard, so they even brought their own “house” with them.

My brother, being how he is, was soon working on the damaged gate. More specifically, the gate posts. He’d actually been working on it for a while before he asked me to come and document what he was doing, so he’d managed to get the first of the remaining hinges off by then.

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The One that Got Away

I finally got a decent picture of the kitten we didn’t catch.

And even some video!

What a little cutie! I love that dramatic “eye liner”. Just like his mom!

I had been putting food in a bowl on the junk pile, but this morning I brought extra and put it on the ground, instead. They seem to prefer that.

As for the one (or more?) in the pump shack, I heard rustling when I brought in food and water (actually, another ice balloon), but didn’t see anything else.

The Re-Farmer

I love it!

Yesterday evening, my older daughter told me I needed to go check out my rocks.

After some initial confusion, having already completely forgotten that I’d spray painted some rocks in the yard bright orange, I went and took a look.

Then squealed with glee.

Somewhere in between cleaning the eaves and working on various other things, she took the time to grab some stencils and a can of spray paint from her supplies, and made my day!


The Re-Farmer

Feathery friend, and progress

I had a nice surprise on my morning rounds today. 🙂

It was just standing there, watching me! I got some video as I went past. I’m still in the process of uploading it, but the embedded link below should work once that’s done.

Grouse, I’ve noticed, are not the brightest birds. I headed into town later today and, on the way home, saw a bird on the side of the road. As I passed it, I could see it was a grouse. It wasn’t until then that it just turned around. Checking my mirror, I saw it still just standing there on the road, completely unperturbed by a vehicle going past so closely!

After my rounds, I stayed out to start mowing before things got too hot.

I finished some 5 hours later! Heat or no heat, I didn’t want to stop until it was done.

Then it was a trip to the dump, then into town. One of the things I picked up was marking paint.

I got tired of looking for the rocks I have to mow around! Four rocks and the remains of a tree stump in the yard, plus another rock in the “driveway” I mow to the back gate.

The girls, meanwhile, took care of the house. Not just the cleaning and stuff inside (including cleaning kitten eyes), but they are doing the eaves, as well. The last time they tried to do the eaves, they got attacked by horse flies, and today was the first chance to get up there again. As I write this, my younger daughter is up on the roof, cleaning the second floor eaves, too.

My daughters are awesome!

The day is not quite done. I have the last coat of paint on the gate to do (thanks to the girls flipping it for me while I mowed), and I want to get it done tonight. That way, by tomorrow evening, both sides of the gate can finally be moved out of the garage, and we can start parking the van in there again! 😀

Back to work I go!

The Re-Farmer