Thinking of 2022; first seed order placed

While we have already been picking up some seeds here and there for next year's garden, still have some from this past year, and even have some seeds we have saved, last night I placed our first online seed order. We will have a "seed" budget over the next few months that will also include, … Continue reading Thinking of 2022; first seed order placed

2022 garden preparation: fixing up the tomato bed

Today, I took advantage of the lovely, warmer than forecast weather we are having, to clean up and redo the tomato bed. Here is how it looked when I started. This is a new bed, built this spring, and I was very happy to see how deep and strong the roots on the tomato plants … Continue reading 2022 garden preparation: fixing up the tomato bed

Hidden Cuteness

Yesterday, as I was cleaning up and putting things away for the evening, I walked past the shelf in front of the sun room, and found myself being watched from the depths! I am so happy to see Nosencrantz enjoying the cat bed I crocheted, long ago! What a loaf! The Re-Farmer

Our “second bathroom” – little details

While things were still pretty wet from rain this morning, I used some of the stuff I picked up yesterday and worked on the outhouse. The chain latch was something we already had in the basement, and the handle was something I picked up yesterday. I got a second one that I put on the … Continue reading Our “second bathroom” – little details