2018’s Top Ten

The old year is slipping by quickly! A time to look back and plan forward. This blog is not much past a year old, which means I can actually do this: make up a list of the top 10 most popular posts! The Re-Farmer Top 10 posts of 2018 Let's start with number 10. Baby, … Continue reading 2018’s Top Ten

Had a snow-down – and I won!

Happy 6th day of Christmas! Things have not gone as planned, thanks to some rather unfortunate weather. We were supposed to go into the city for a family gathering yesterday. We drove maybe 5 minutes on the highway, before turning around and coming home. Blowing snow, icy roads, poor visibility... and knowing it would be … Continue reading Had a snow-down – and I won!

Critter of the Day: Queen of the Trees!

Got two for you, today! We saw a whole bunch of movement out the window, and discovered it was Butterscotch, chasing Beep Beep. Beep Beep is a much better climber than Butterscotch, who never got more than a few feet off the ground.  Beep Beep, on the other hand, is about 20-25 feet up, in … Continue reading Critter of the Day: Queen of the Trees!

Cracker Toffee with Bacon Salt

A super easy and quick recipe to share with you today. Warning: these are amazingly addictive! 😀 This recipe takes something I don't normally like - chewy toffee - and turns it into a delectable treat (that doesn't stick to my teeth!). Using semi-sweet dark chocolate chips and unsalted crackers helps keep the sweet and … Continue reading Cracker Toffee with Bacon Salt