A chilly but beautiful morning.


Everything was all frosty!

Butterscotch, as usual, insisted I carry her while doing my rounds. Poor thing was just shivering! She even let me half-cover her with the down-filled coat I was wearing. Any more than half made her nervous. 😀

The Re-Farmer

Critter of the Day: I herd you!

We’ve got a duo that visits regularly, and a trio – and sometimes, they all come at once!


I don’t know what has their attention out there, but I do know that sometimes, they get the attention of people driving by on the road!  There isn’t much that can be seen through the lilac bushes along the fence, but it’s enough that I’ve seen people stop, turn around at the intersection, and slowly make their way back again, slowly.

Time like that, I think of the kinds of trees we’ll be planting as a windbreak all long the fence line.

We may be in the boonies, but sometimes it’s not boonies enough for me! 😀