A blustery day!

High winds are sweeping across the prairies right now! There has been snow, now and again, as well. As I write this, I can see the live feed on our security camera, which has switched to its night setting. That means the snowflakes are being lit by the infrared flash, looking like white lights. I … Continue reading A blustery day!

Well, it’s all we can do for now

I had to bring the van to the garage for 9am, so I was outside, doing my rounds, earlier than usual. I usually wait until it isn't dark anymore, but of course, it's staying dark much longer now. That didn't stop the kitties from coming out for an early breakfast, though!! Things didn't quite work … Continue reading Well, it’s all we can do for now

Long day, good day and a new toy! Still glad it’s over. :-)

Today was our day to do our monthly shop in the city. It went well, but my goodness, it's draining! 😀 Of course, my day started with my morning rounds and a visit with the outside kitties. 🙂 Which included an explosion of sorts! I was right by the heated water bowl, near the entrance … Continue reading Long day, good day and a new toy! Still glad it’s over. 🙂


Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. Instead, I've just spent roughly 6 hours, going through old emails, video and image files, and transcribing voice mail messages. I'm not quite done, but that's it for digging through old stuff. If all goes well with my mom's car tomorrow, I'll be heading to court … Continue reading Tired