Photo of the Day: do I see what I think I see?

One of the things I love about digital photography is that, after I’ve uploaded the images to my desktop, I often find things in the photos I didn’t notice when I took the photo.

Take this adorable chickadee on a lilac branch.

Are those really fresh leaf buds on the twigs???

This photo was taken on January 17. There should not be leaf buds this early in the year!

Given the cold spell we had soon after this was taken, there’s a good chance those leaf buds (if that’s what they are) were killed off by the bitter temperatures.

Some good things, some pretty things, some WTF? vehicle things

The last couple of days have been… trying.

But also beautiful.

We warmed up enough for the trees to be covered in frost that is still there. Then we got a gentle snowfall. Today was bright and sunny, the trees looked like picture postcards, and everything was sparkling.

It all looked quite lovely.

The girls and I also arranged a surprise for my husband, after he had gone to bed.

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Photo of the Day: glare!

My goodness!

Doesn’t she have the most wicked expression?? 😀 Hard to believe she’s actually a very sweet, loving kitty.

Also, she looks SO much like her mother!!

This photo was taken earlier in the month. Susan is now indoors, after having a certain surgical procedure. No kittens from this girl!

She’s had more than enough time to recover, but we are not sending her back outside yet. The shaved area looks like it’s not growing back at all! When Cheddar was shaved to have the stick that impaled him removed, the fur grew back very quickly. I was expecting the same, with Susan, and it’s just not happening! Which I don’t mind too much. It makes it easier to keep an eye on the incision.