Vehicle update

Today I stayed in town for my daughter’s short shift, which meant I got to check on my mother’s car, too.

The thing looked so forlorn in there. LOL

I have some good, unexpected, news, though!

Towards the end of my daughter’s shift, I ran an errand that had me going past the garage I want the car taken to and noticed a phone number on the sign. So I pulled in to their parking lot so I could actually read it and called, intending to leave a message.

A live human answered.

He just said, hello, though, and didn’t add a business name, so I asked if I had reached such-and-such Auto. He said yes, but it’s now called different-such-and-such Auto. I laughed and said, well, I’m looking at the sing and it still says the old name, then started to say why I was calling.

You’re right outside? he asked.


I’m inside right now.

So I went in to talk to him in person! 😀

They are not normally open on Sundays, but he told me that someone had broken a wheel last night, so he came in to fix it for them.

I just had to laugh and said, “well, I broke a wheel last night, too!”

I explained the situation to him, including about the tire going flat before after I hit the ditch instead of a deer, how the tire had checked out fine once it was set back onto the rim properly, and that they looked for but found no other damage, at the other garage. I explained the noise I was hearing at the back, and the noise from the engine.

He doesn’t think either is likely related to hitting the ditch. At least not directly. The noise in the back may just be something got shaken, and will make some noises a bit before it settles. He says he’s had that happen a lot after some types of jobs. He will check both, after fixing the tire.

He did not, however, have a tow truck.

He asked if I have CAA, and I told him yes. He said to call them and have it towed over, and to tell the driver where to leave the keys. He would be gone before they arrived, so he will look at it tomorrow.


So when I got home, I called up CAA. After going through the process, I asked if I needed to be there, explaining that I was in another town. They said yes; the driver needs to see photo ID. I then asked to have the drive call me first, because I thought that the way the car is positioned, a two truck might not be able to get in front. It might be easier to just change the tire to the donut and drive it over. The guy made notes to arrange that, and then I just had to wait for a call.

I didn’t have long to wait.

The towing company is local to that town; in fact, many years ago, I used to work for the company in their gas station convenience store. I talked to him about the car and what was wrong with it, then mentioned that I thought it might be easier to just change the tire and drive it to the garage, rather than try and get the truck in front. He said that yes, he’d be able to do that. I told him where I was and asked about the possibility of my not having to be there, explaining where the keys were hidden in the car.

Since the keys were there, he said he could trust that I was who I said I was. He already had my CAA number and didn’t need anything else from me. I could stay home. He would change the tire, drive the car the half-block to the garage, and hide the keys where the mechanic had suggested.


I am so thrilled to not have to go out again!

When the garage calls me about the car, I plan to ask if I can get him to check our van about that droning noise when I come get the car. Hopefully, he’ll be able to spot the cause and give me an estimate.

Depending on how much it costs to fix my mother’s car, and the estimate, I might even be able to get the van fixed, too. It’ll make for another tight month, but if I can get that taken care of, rather than driving it for another month and potentially making things worse and costing more in the long run, I will.

I’m sure the gas station will be happy to see the car moved out of there, too, making it easier for customers to get to the air pump.

All of this is stuff that I didn’t expect to be able to do until tomorrow. It was pure chance that the mechanic was in, even though the garage was closed, and that I happened to call while he was still around.

Someone is still looking out for us! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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