Found the spot

It’s been a busy couple of days, and any time I’ve gone to town during daylight, I’ve been trying to spot where I went through the ditch. I only had a vague idea of where it was, since I was a little too distracted to notice landmarks or anything. 😉

It was the only area with tire tracks through the ditch, so when I did spot some, I knew it had to be ours.

I found more things to be thankful for and surprised about.

One was the location. It was farther away than I thought it was. I was able to drive quite far before that tire went completely flat!

The other was the ditch itself. I was heading towards a marshier area, and the ditch on that side of the road became wider and shallower, instead of being the deep V earlier in my drive, or farther down the road, past the marshy area. Another reason I was able to get out of the ditch at all!

Also, what I had thought was fence posts in my headlights, wasn’t.

They were trees.

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Fantastic news! also… what?

First things first, I got fantastic news this morning!

I came in from doing my morning rounds to find my husband on the phone; the garage had called about my mom’s car.

There is no damage.


Not even the flat tire!

They pumped it up and checked it, and there’s not even a leak. It looks like the seal got broken at the rim and the air just leaked out. The tire and rim are just fine.

He did suggest an alignment, considering what happened, which I was planning to ask for already. They were already putting the tire back while he was talking to me, so the alignment is all that will need to get done.

Now I have to figure out when I can come pick it up with a second driver. :-/ He said there was no hurry on that. They’ll have it ready and waiting for me whenever I can.

So that is a HUGE relief!

Then there was the weird thing.

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What. A. Day.

So… things did not turn out as planned, today.

Not by a long shot!!

The plan for the day was, go into town and drop the cats off to get snipped when the vet opened at 9am, then head to the town our garage is in to start the process of getting winter tires through the insurance company’s loan program, then head home until it was time to pick the cats up at 4.

The first hitch in our plans happened before we even left.

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A few interesting things today

While doing my rounds, I noticed something about the storm damage to one of our elms that I hadn’t before. I simply didn’t stop to look, since it’s still to wet and snowy to start cleaning the damage up, until today while doing my morning rounds.

This branch here isn’t just broken.

It’s broken off completely. The only reason it’s not on the ground is because it fell on another little branch that’s holding it up!

The girls and I had to make a trip into the city today, and while driving around, we saw so many damaged trees. Some were large ones that basically split apart at their turns, as heavy branches on different sides broke off in different directions.

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Finally getting rain – and, ouch

Things have been hot for the past few days, and will continue to be hot for the next while. It’s not even noon as I write this, and we’re already at 25C, with a “real feel” of 29C. We’ve also had a lot of thunderstorm warnings, but aside from one quick pass, they have been missing us. We have, however, been getting some decent rain. I haven’t heard locally, yet, but the municipality next to ours announced their burn ban has finally been lifted. I expect ours is, too.

This afternoon, we’re supposed to get temperatures of 29C (feeling like 36C) and thunderstorms through the evening. If rain is all we get again, I’ll be quite happy.

The grape vines are quite appreciating the moisture.

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It’s official… sort of

As of today, it is now official.

We are a two vehicle household.

Sort of.

I was able to register my mother’s car in my name, but it’s still her car. This means that, if she needs help to get to an appointment or go grocery shopping, I can use her car, instead of her struggling to climb up into our van. I will make sure to use it once in a while, just because it’s not good for vehicles to sit around. Today, I plan to take it in for a car wash! 😀

But I am getting ahead of myself.

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