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Random thoughts

Debbie, at Stopping To Get My Bearings  asked about how I made the loaves in the prior post.

Hopefully this is organized enough.  It’s more of some notes and thoughts than a precise recipe.

I’ve found that sourdough bread–or any bread, for that matter–is somewhat difficult to turn into a precise recipe because of the imprecise nature of the ingredients, the kitchen environment and the things used to bake the bread.

  • I measure flour by volume knowing the amount of flour actually in the measuring cup depends on how tightly the flour gets packed in the measuring cup.
  • I live in the desert.  When I spent some summers at my grandparents’ house in (humid) Ohio,  I needed more flour than I expected to get the dough to “feel right”.
  • The altitude makes a difference.  I was used to making bread at around 1200 feet (375 meters) above sea level. …

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Home Made Yogurt and Yogurt “cheese” – Day Two; finished

Here are the final results of the yogurt and yogurt cheese making process. You can visit the first part here, with the recipe, and the second part here, with the step-by-step to make the yogurt cheese. First up, let's compare the finished yogurts. This was after the home made yogurt was in the fridge for … Continue reading Home Made Yogurt and Yogurt “cheese” – Day Two; finished

Home Made Yogurt and Yogurt “cheese” – Day Two

Okay, this is going to be a photo heavy post!  😉 After leaving the yogurt to incubate last night, here is what it looked like this morning. I stirred it slightly to see how set it was before taking the photo.  It was quite smooth at the top before then. The yogurt feels quite thin … Continue reading Home Made Yogurt and Yogurt “cheese” – Day Two