Gardening progress: sunflowers are in!

Today has been a lovely, cool day! Perfect to get those sunflowers done. I had assistants. When I started filling the holes with the soil mixture, the Potato Beetle decided to sit his butt over one of the next holes! My first thought was that he was taking a dump and I went to push … Continue reading Gardening progress: sunflowers are in!

Garden progress: setting up for sunflowers

The winds finally died down today, and we were able to prep for the giant sunflowers we will be planting. To recap, these are being planted for several reasons. One is to have seeds for the birds over the winter (and for ourselves, if we want). Another is to create a wind break and privacy … Continue reading Garden progress: setting up for sunflowers

Garden status, good and not so good

First, the good. After giving the new squash bed a thorough watering with the sprinkler yesterday evening, I made sure to check them out this morning. I'm happy to see that they are looking strong and healthy. A few were looking a bit haggard after transplanting and adding the straw mulch, but they have all … Continue reading Garden status, good and not so good