Groggy Kittie

Well, Butterscotch is home! Just look at those pupils!!! She is still recovering from the anesthetic, so we've been told to keep her in the carrier for a couple of hours. She is on a 24 hour painkiller, the sutures will dissolve on their own in 3 weeks, and she has the 14 day antibiotic. … Continue reading Groggy Kittie

Cat on a … cold, snowy roof! Plus a trip to the vet

I spotted movement in an unexpected place while doing my rounds this morning, and just had to try for some photos! Yes, that is a cat butt. This old shed's roof is falling apart, and it looked like she was trying to decide if she could jump down through one of the holes. Wise kitty … Continue reading Cat on a … cold, snowy roof! Plus a trip to the vet

It’s a fairyland out there!

Yesterday's fog kept getting denser and denser before finally being blown away last night. The live feed on the security camera looked like a blizzard, but it was just fog! Now, everything outside looks like something out of a magical fairy tale! The spruces are the tallest trees around, and their tops always get the … Continue reading It’s a fairyland out there!

Another foggy day, and Canada Post sucks

My goodness, it's even foggier today than it was yesterday! This is how it looked in the old hay yard, beyond the barn. It's enough to make a collapsing old building look all pretty and artsy! 😀 From what I've been told, this old log building was a house. The family that owned this property … Continue reading Another foggy day, and Canada Post sucks