Kitten Therapy

Since I neglected to get any kitten pictures to share yesterday, I'm making up for it today! Here are some furry smiles for you to enjoy. πŸ™‚ In the end, I needed to be rescued by my daughter, who was able to de-kitten me, so I could leave! Kitten therapy was exactly what I needed. … Continue reading Kitten Therapy

Recommended: The Prairie Homestead

Welcome to my β€œRecommended” series of posts. These will be weekly – for now – posts about resources and sites I have found over the past while that I found so excellent, I want to share them with you, my dear readers. πŸ™‚ Whether or not I continue to post these, and how often they … Continue reading Recommended: The Prairie Homestead

Kitten fix, and this is going to be another odd day

First up, here are your smiles for the day! I wasn't able to get decent kitten pictures this morning, so here are some from last night. I picked up some wet cat food, just for Beep Beep and the kittens, and they were in heaven! Leyendecker is an enthusiastic eater, while the others are still … Continue reading Kitten fix, and this is going to be another odd day