Frost warning

I’m happy to say, that a day of rest seems to be just what the doctor ordered. In fact, I felt so good, and it looked so beautiful outside, I decided to see if there was something I could get started on today.

Because I’m an idiot like that.

The beautiful looking day lied! 😀 It was still cold and windy out there! Those lilacs are looking gorgeous, though.

When I went to check the forecast, though, I found a weather alert. We’re supposed to get frost tonight.

I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t get those transplants done!

The girls and I headed out to make sure everything was covered.

The squash bed was a challenge. I didn’t have very many of the plastic containers I was keeping to use as cloches for exactly this purpose. We did, however, still have the five gallon size water bottles from when I did a complete water change of the fish tank (which, I am happy to say, shows no signs of turning cloudy or that mass of algae growing back; it was definitely our well water that was the problem!). I cut a bunch of them in half, and we got all the squashes covered!

I don’t know that the bricks balancing on the necks of bottles will do much good, but it’s worth a try, to make sure the cloches don’t get blown away.

The girls covered the new garden bed with plastic, as well.

The plastic row covers are sandwiched between pairs of boards, so the sprouts won’t get flattened too much.

We didn’t bother doing anything with the potato beds, since the straw mulch will insulate them just fine.

Based on the long range forecast, this should be the last frost of the year. We’re going to start getting hot again, tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here are some more smiles for you! 🙂

The girls went to visit with the kittens for a bit, but only Big Rig stayed still long enough for a decent photo. 😀

As David does so well with the kittens, the girls let him come down, too.

He seems entranced by his tiny doppelganger!


The Re-Farmer

3 thoughts on “Frost warning

  1. David is probably the daddy, LOL.

    There’s a thing I’ve heard that male cats don’t like kittens and will attack them. They want to get rid of the kittens, put the female back in heat and mate with her themselves. True with lions but I’ve seen very conflicting evidence there with house cats.

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