Growing things

We’ve got all sorts of things growing right now.

Of course, the kittens are growing into ferocious little ankle biters.

They also love climbing on and clawing the grandpa slippers. 😀

Once outside, I checked the new garden bed and discovered carrots!

Unfortunately, there are also plenty of other things sprouting. At least the thistles are easy to pull out.

These carrots were done using a method found on a YouTube video, where the seeds were sprouted in water first, then put into a cornstarch gel in baggies, to be piped into the ground like icing.

These, along with the parsley, were planted on May 17. It is now the 24th. It took only 1 week for the sprouted seeds to break ground. Direct sown, they could take anywhere from 14 to 21 days.

Not only was the parsley also starting to show, but I think I’m even seeing some of the beets, which were planted 2 days later. I didn’t do anything special with them, other than cover the plots with plastic. Beets can take 7 – 14 days to sprout when direct sown.

It seems things are doing quite well in this location! I was able to remove the plastic on all the little plots. Even the kohl rabi. I just looked those up and they can germinate anywhere from 3 – 10 days.

I’m quite pleased with this!

Yesterday’s downpour has really revived everything! While doing my rounds, I found more blooming trees!

Yesterday, it was plum blossoms. Today, it’s Saskatoons. 🙂

Of course, the grass is also growing like mad. Time to break out the lawn mowers! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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