Potato beds put to bed

Today, we took advantage of the warmer weather and dug up our two potato beds. The first one got done fairly early in the morning, before we headed to the city. Having already dug up a few of them earlier, I had some idea of what to expect, but I have zero experience with growing … Continue reading Potato beds put to bed

Follow up: frost damaged squash

It's a good thing we started so many squashes, and ended up transplanting them as such different times. The ones that sprouted later and got transplanted later got missed by that last frost of the season, and have been quite prolific. A couple of frost damaged ones in the first bed, both zucchini, recovered enough … Continue reading Follow up: frost damaged squash

What shall I do with you, today?

Zucchini and sunburst squash I gathered this morning. Yesterday, I made a sort of hash, first browning potatoes, cubed small, in butter, then adding leek and frying until softened. I cubed sunburst squash, a green zucchini and a grey squash (the lighter coloured, kinda striped, kind of zucchini; our grocery stores label them as grey … Continue reading What shall I do with you, today?