A Day for the Birds

With the fires in the area, it's no surprise that we aren't seeing any deer, at all.  It has, however, been a day full of birds outside our window. Mr. Blue Jay allowed me to take his photograph today, though they certainly did make me work for a good shot! In amongst the masses of … Continue reading A Day for the Birds

That Circle of Life thing… and I hate shopping

For the past while, we've had a huge drop in deer visits.  I didn't see any yesterday, until quite late, when one showed up, then ran off when it saw me in the window.  Pretty sure it was a new one, since our regulars are no longer bothered by seeing us. We are certainly getting … Continue reading That Circle of Life thing… and I hate shopping

Walkabout – the East yard

I had done a walkabout yesterday, through our East yard, some of the areas just outside the fenced yard, and explored around the old gravel pit and pond.  I had my phone with me and took plenty of pictures, but then had technical difficulties uploading them to my desktop.  My husband was able to see … Continue reading Walkabout – the East yard