Deer family, and what the heck?

Today has a mixed bag of things to share, some of which will be in other posts – if I can get the pictures off of my phone properly.  Something is going wrong there, and it looks like I’ve lost a whole bunch of pictures in the process.  Ugh.

My husband had a medical appointment this morning.  It was to be a 2 hour interview to assess him and figure out what specialists he will be going to next.  Not something for me to be at, so I took advantage of being in town to go to the places I can park and play Pokemon Go.  I headed back early, which worked out, as my husband could only handle an hour before he had to cut it short, due to pain.  So he’ll be back in a week to finish the assessment.

For the past couple of days, I hadn’t gotten many photos at all.  No deer were showing up, except briefly in the wee hours, and even the juncos weren’t around much today.  I did get a good photo of a daytime moon, though.  This photo is just cropped; no resizing.


I’m pleasantly surprised by the amount of detail that showed up!

My younger daughter found the online practice tests for the knowledge test she needs to take on Thursday to get her learners license in this province.  THAT turned out to be… something special.

The first two practice tests were for signs.  Some were different from what she saw when she took the test in our previous province, but she could figure them out.

The rules of the road test should have been similar.  After all, the rules of the road are largely the same across the country, right?

Well, that wasn’t the issue.

The test itself is bizarre.  After being told about it, she and I went online on my computer, so she could show me what she was talking about.

Many of the questions don’t even make sense.  The phrasing and terms are also different.  For example, one mentioned the legal requirement for an upper stop light, except for vehicles before what year?

Stop light?

They meant brake lights.  NO ONE calls them stop lights.  Stop lights are what you see at controlled intersections.

Another question: Wearing a seatbelt decreases your chance of being killed by …?  And then there are several percentages to choose from.

What rule is in this question?  The rule is, we are required to wear seatbelts.  Why include what is, essentially, a trivia question in a rules test?

Then there’s this one: A driver supervising another driver in the Learner stage must not have a blood alcohol concentration of greater than…?

Now, I would have expected the answer to be 0.  The supervising driver shouldn’t have any alcohol in their system.  But no!  The answer is .05   Considering that .08 is too drunk to drive, this means, a person with a beginners license can drive with a tipsy supervising driver.

That’s not very encouraging!

Other questions leave us wondering, what is the context?  Where is the detail?  Because it makes a difference.  Like; what direction are you driving in this scenario?  And which center line do they mean? Other questions, I kept having to read and re-read the possible answers, just to figure out what they were saying.

And when did the hand positions on the steering wheel change from 10 & 2, to 9 & 3?  Also, since when was it legal to change more than one lane at a time?

It’s the lack of context in the questions, and the many questions that have nothing to do with the actual rules of the road that are the most frustrating.  Why are they even there?

So that was fun… :-O

This evening, while the light was still good, I took advantage of how dry things are now and walked further afield on the property.  I checked out what used to be a gravel pit, but is now a pond; the gravel is all completely grown over.  I found numerous things that had me wondering, why anyone went through so much effort to put them there, rather than just taking them to the dump?  Some of the old equipment I found brought back fond memories.  I checked out some sheds and the barn.  Two sheds, I couldn’t even get at.  I fought the burs, and the burs won.  Laundry is now in progress. 😀

One log shed that I hoped might be salvageable, most definitely isn’t.  A couple others still might be.  Some other, more modern, sheds are just not worth fixing.

Then there were the piles and piles of … well.  Trash.  These are things some of my siblings had intended to burn, but they are filled with things that really should NOT be burned at all.  We’re just going to have to hire a clean up crew to haul the stuff away.  Someone with the right safety gear and equipment to handle the stuff.

I’m hoping, after I post this, I’ll be able to salvage some of the photos I took.

Then, the deer came!

A group of four.  Two adult females, and two you males.

I’m pretty sure I worked out which pair belonged to each other.


Here’s one of the mums and her boy.  Check out the little antler nubbins! 😀


This mama looks kind of young, too.  Unlike the other mama…


… who looks like she’s seen a lot of rough years!  Note the mark in her fur that runs up her snout?  There’s a matching one, on the other side of her face.  Like something had rubbed the fur off.

No where near as dramatic as her boy’s face!  It took quite a few photos before I found one where you could really see it.


The fur is just gone in those two spots!

You can’t see them in this photo, but he’s got antler nubbins that are about the same size as the other male.

The four of them stayed for quite a while.  Eventually, they made their way to the south yard, through the gate, and disappeared behind the barn.

It was so awesome to see them!  I hope they come back.

The Re-Farmer

5 thoughts on “Deer family, and what the heck?

    • I’ve been driving 9 & 3, just because I find it more comfortable. But everywhere I’ve heard it come up, it’s 10 & 2. When she took her driver’s course, it was 10 & 2. So weird.


  1. One of my college jobs was to help teach that kind of stuff to police cadets. I was quite good at putting them all to sleep. 🙂

    “Center Mounted Stoplight”…1986 for cars and 1994 for light duty trucks (pickups and similar). I know that’s correct for the USA and I think it’s correct for Canada. For what it’s worth, I hate that terminology as well….but…even the UN calls them stoplights.

    Airbags in the steering wheel are what caused the change to “9 and 3”. I got to watch a police academy demonstration using crash dummies and manually fired air bags…It convinced me that 9 and 3 was the better choice.

    If it’s like where I live….it’s read the book about 5 times, pass the written test, annoy everyone else on the roadway by by being a pedant driver and, once the examiner passes you, drive normally……

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    • I was wondering if it was an Americanism. The test never uses the term “highway,” either, instead using “freeway”. That word is used as part of road names, not generically.

      We were never offered a book. The agent just said to go online! Oh, how things have changed, in just a few years. Lol


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