Critter(s) of the Day: on the beach

Insects count as critters, right?

While walking the beach not long ago, there were a surprising number of lady beetles all over.

So many, in fact, in some places, it was impossible not to step on any.

I also saw a couple of these guys…

At first, I thought this one was dead. Especially when a wave reached its wings and it didn’t move. It wasn’t dead, though, and I was able to move it a short distance, where the waves could no longer reach it.

Critter of the Day: snakes alive!

One good thing about living in the middle of nowhere. When I see a snake on the gravel road, I can stop and shoo it off.

It’s that time of year when the garter snakes are heading north to the dens where they spend the winters. Sadly, many never make it as they try and cross the roads. Especially on the highways. It’s almost impossible to avoid them. Often, they can’t even be seen until it’s too late to even try.