So… we’re home again

We didn’t make it to the city.

Yes, things have warmed up. We’re a “balmy” -24C, with a wind chill of -36C right now. However, we haven’t warmed up long enough for the van to notice.

It started well enough. We even drove it the couple of miles to the general store to pick up the mail, deer feed and bird seed.

By then, I had to make a decision.

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What the… (updated)

Okay. I have to admit. I have never seen this before.

The -37 is the coldest I can remember, but -54????

I’d put off the monthly shop to tomorrow, but it’s supposed to be just as cold.

Not looking forward to going out there. 😦

The Re-Farmer

Update: we decided not to go into the city today. The girls were willing, but we only have one vehicle, and I can’t justify risking it in this cold. We rely on it too much.

Settled in

DahBoy likes to settle in above my head, when I am at my desk.

This is an odd time of the month.

It’s one of the things about having an income that comes in once a month. It may make budgeting easier, but by the end of the month, things start running out. Then we’re left with the question of, is it worth driving to town to pick up a day or two’s worth of stuff, or do we wait the few days until we can do the big monthly shop? It’s more of a thing in January, too, as December gets all mixed up because of Christmas, and we end up not doing the big monthly shop, since the days we normally would do it fall on New Year’s. Instead of a Costco trip, we buy locally, and the prices are so much higher, we end up not as well stocked for the month.

Which is a long way of saying that, despite the cold, one of my daughters and I ended up going into town to pick up a few things.

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